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The oil and gas drilling industry has its dangers to be sure but it has been an industry that focuses heavily on training its individuals to work with the highest regard for safety practices.  An Occupational Safety article states that Cameron MacGillivray, who is the CEO of Enform, has mentioned that there should be more focus on process safety and not just individual safety.

maritimedrillingschool_processMacGillivray has mentioned that there are more complex operations which means that more individuals are involved in the drilling process.  With more equipment coming into the fold every month, Enform’s CEO argued that those in charge of educating new members to the industry can no longer focus exclusively on individual safety.  MacGillivray brings in the idea that administrative controls should be brought into the realm so that individuals know a precise procedure for specific jobs needing to get done.

Occupational Safety mentions that there is now more stress on the upstream oil and gas industry then ever after the recent national commission in the United States over the BP oil spill.  Those in charge were blamed with not paying enough attention to process safety.  MacGillivray stated that Enform will be informing industry employers about process safety in the oil and gas industry.

With the increasing level of technology and deeper drilling MacGillivray mentioned that disastrous outcomes could increase if not handled properly.  Therefore, no longer will there simply be audits of these outcomes but procedures put in place to help avoid them from happening again.  In order to make the process as beneficial as possible, MacGillivray stated that he would be making sure communication is sound all the way around.  The leaders of the industry will be communicating directly with the workers on the rigs and make sure that process safety is being practiced but also discuss potential procedures.